BAR: L'800

San Giovanni in Laterano, next to San Giovanni.

BEST place to have HAPPY HOUR and a 2 euro prosecco in all of Rome. Outdoor seating, people watching.

TRATTORIA: Ristorante Maccheroni

Ristorante Maccheroni
Piazza delle Coppelle, 44

Best value for good food two blocks from Pantheon. The lightest and tastiest gnocchi in the city (Cafe Alex on Veneto being the heaviest and worst) cooked with gorgonzola and pear. Chocolate mousse is second best I've tasted in the city after Matricianella. Great house wine, both white and red. Good place to take large groups, and great place for lunch.

Map of Piazza Delle Coppelle 44 Roma, Lazio 00186, IT
Advice: try not to sit in the section manned by the guy with all the tattoos. Everyone else is really great here, but Tattoo-Man is a cheese.

AT HOME: Dutch Baby

Some fresh Italian eggs will brighten up your Sunday morning. Eggs in Italy have yolks more yellow and flavorful than anywhere I've ever seen.
In a glass dish put 1/4 c. butter and melt in preheated oven at 350 degrees until fully melted. In a blender, blend 6 eggs, 1 cup milk, 4 heaping tablespoons of flour and sugar and then dashes of salt, Grand Marnier, lemon zest. Pour in hot dish in oven. Bake for 30 minutes.
Buy every fruit from the local market you see, even ones you don't recognize and slice them into a bowl. Add a little sugar and Grand Marnier. Serve dutch baby portions with fruit and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.
Also serve with pan fried sausages on the side.
Courtesey of Sister Rachel, without the habit.


TRATTORIA: Osteria Margutta

Osteria Margutta
via Margutta, 82

Great food and wine, excellent steak a la Petit Verdot. Near Piazza del Popolo.
From Andrea Tidei at Osteria Margutta:
"....... We ... definitely consider [it] as an honour and one more reason to continue to offer an always better service to our many american guests. Also I would like to add that, as an american college alumnus, having americans among my clients is for me a great pleasure and a good occasion to stay in touch with people coming from a land where I spend some of the best years of my life. .... "

Map of Via Margutta 82 Roma, Lazio 00187, IT

WINE SHOP: Trimani

Trimani Wine
via Goito, 20

Would you prefer to venture to an international wine shop for your Turkey Day wine? Trimani maintains a well-stocked wine shop about 40 meters from its wine bar, at Via Goito 20 (tel. 06-4469661), where an astonishing array of international wines are for sale. The shop is open from Monday to Friday 8:30am to 1:30pm and 3:30 to 8pm. It is short walk from the American embassy and has a very decent selection of international wines. From their French red burgundy section (or Bourgogne, made from the pinot noir grape), try one from Domain Faiveley (25 euro). Bright fruit (framboises, cerises) and hints of leather will light up your palate and you’ll understand the fuss behind the Sideway’s account of this varietal. Missing American wine? I saw a couple of Oregon pinot noirs that would be fun to try. Slightly less spendy, Trimbach has been making Alsatian whites since 1626 and their line of Riesling and Pinot Gris are always delicious with turkey. Take the bottle out of the fridge about 20 minutes before serving to really let the flavors warm up.

Map of Via Goito 20 Roma, Lazio 00185, IT

AT HOME: Roman Snacks

Items to snack on at home with a bottle of wine. From the local market, get apples, procuitto, bufala mozzerela, basil, heirloom tomato, cheeses, olives and bread.

WINE BAR: Il Piccolo

Il Piccolo
Historic Centre Navona
via del Governo Vecchio, 74

Great lunch joint. Good red wine by the glass, zucchini quiche, chicken dishes. Very reasonable.

Map of Via Del Governo Vecchio 74 Roma, Lazio 00186, IT

TRATTORIA: Matricianella

Historic Centre Campo Marzio
via del Leone, 2/4

Great food. Best chocolate mousse in the city. Speak English well. Really really popular. Get a reservation and show up on time, you won't be disappointed!

Map of Via Del Leone 2/4 Roma, Lazio 00186, IT

TRATTORIA: 'Gusto Osteria

'Gusto Osteria
Historic Centre Corso
via della Frezza, 16

Cacio e pepe, parmigiana with the season's vegetables, tortelli de baccala, good selection of cheeses, wines, cicheti. We had the goat cheese stuffed zucchini flowers. Good atmosphere!

Map of Via Della Frezza 16 Roma, Lazio 00186, IT

TRATTORIA: Enoteca Corsi

Enoteca Corsi
Historic Centre Pantheon
via del Gesu, 87/88

Family run, only open at lunch time, short menu is xeroxed every day and all the food is fabulous, and fabulously inexpensive. House wine is tremendous value. Sweets made on premises.

Map of Via Del Gesù 87 Roma, Lazio 00186, IT

RESTAURANT: Trattoria Monti

Trattoria Monti
via San Vito, 13a

The description "trattoria" does not do this place justice. It is very famous in the city as being one of the true Roman cuisine restaurants. Great wine list, fabulous food. Sweets made on premises, try apple pie with zabaglione.

Map of Via Di San Vito 13a Roma, Lazio 00185, IT


via di Grottarossa, 52/a
tel. 06 30310231
Open lunch and dinner. Closed Monday.

Great Persian food and decor, the only place we’ve found that serves authentic Persian food. The meat and rice are seasoned and cooked very well, and their salads are delicious too. Very reasonable prices. A bit of a drive, but worth it! The next time the fridge is empty on a Sunday night and all your local restaurants are closed, make the quick trip.

The only Iranian/Persian restaurant in Rome. Do you know of another? Please let me know.
Map of Via Di Grottarossa 52a Roma, Lazio 00189, IT

FRENCH: Charly's Sauciere

Charly's Sauciere
Celio Neighborhood
via San Giovanni in Laterano, 270

Great for special occasion. The gourmet plate will satisfy your pate craving with chicken, duck, and salmon mousse pates, served with French cheeses and smoked salmon. The cheese souffle and escargots are great. The steaks with morel mushroom cream sauce are beautiful. Then the fruit flambé for two is lit on fire right at your table. Great selection of French wines.If you ask for Charly, they will tell you.... "ehhhh, Charly, ehhh, he's-a-dead. Morte."But the greeter-chef-sommliere-flambe man is named Stefano. He's the tall white-haired guy with glasses, kinda sleepy looking.... and very nice.

Map of Via Di San Giovanni In Laterano 270 Roma, Lazio 00184, IT


via Candia, 16

Martufano, ciriola, naturally leavened casereccio bread.

CAFE: Vanni

Prati Neighborhood
via Col di Lana, 10

A place to be seen, all the people from RAI TV headquarters come here to smoke and look pretty. Outdoor tables are nice, selection of snacks is unbelievable.Ice cream, frozen yogurt, aperitifs, coffee, crossants, pastries, biscuits, savory fare... Vanni has it all and is almost never closed.
Map of Via Col Di Lana 10 Roma, Lazio 00195, IT

PIZZERIA: Hostaria Giacomelli

Hostaria Giacomelli
Prati Neighborhood
via Faa di Bruno, 25

Best pizza near the Vatican. Try the wood-fired classic pizza with mushroom and sausage.
Map of Via Emilio Faà Di Bruno 25 Roma, Lazio 00195, IT

TRATTORIA: Osteria Dell'Angelo

Osteria Dell'Angelo
Prati Neighborhood
via G. Bettolo, 24
tel: 063729470
Best "wood-smoked" meat carbonara my mother has ever had, and local Italian meats served from the open grill. Fantastic value!

Map of Via Giovanni Bettolo 24 Roma, Lazio 00195, IT

SUSHI: Zen Sushi Restaurant

Zen Sushi Restaurant
Prati Neighborhood
via degli Scipioni, 243
tel: 063213420

Best sushi in Rome, conveyor belt style. Sit at the bar and sushi rolls by on a belt. Choose which one you want. Eat your fill, stack your plates. Cost is calculated on how many of which colored plates you consumed. Or, sit at a table and get a mixes sushi boat!

Map of Via Degli Scipioni 243 Roma, Lazio 00192, IT