TRIP: Pistoia

This is the 10th edition of an annual event celebrating the art and craft of chocolatemaking
in the heart of the Tuscan “chocolate valley” in Monsummano Terme (Pistoia).


Map of Pistoia, Toscana IT

DELIVERY: How-to Guide


The following is a short list of useful websites for ordering "home delivery food" in Rome. There are dozens out there to choose from, catering to all interests! Just google "pizza consegna a domicilio Roma" or "cena consegna a domicilio Roma". Most of them are excellent.


And here are few useful phrases to order food by phone and to meander through internet sites:

• Consegna a domicilio = Home delivery
• Sovrapprezzo = surcharge/additional charge
• Bevande gratuite = Free drinks
• Ordine minimo = Minimum order
• C'e' un costo aggiuntivo per la consegna a domicilio? = Is there any additional charge for the home delivery?
• Quante pizze posso ordinare in una sola consegna? = How many pizzas can I order in one go? (note: most pizza places have limitations on home delivery orders)
• Ci sono delle bevande gratuite incluse nel prezzo? = Do you offer any free drinks with this order? (note: most companies offers free drinks with home delivery, always check before you order drinks)
• A che ora e' la consegna? = At what time will you deliver my...
• L'indirizzo per la consegna e'... = The delivery address is...
• Suonare al citofono... = Please ring buzzer...
• Siamo al ... piano = We're on the... floor
Remember: in Italy, "pizza con peperoni" is NOT "pepperoni pizza" BUT pizza with bell peppers... Buon appetito!
(borrowed from Danila Marini)

RECOMMENDED: Winetasting at Sesta Di Sopra

http://www.sestadisopra.it/ ......... Stay at nearby Agriturismo Aiole. We can't wait to try it!
You can email Ettore or Enrica at sestadisopra@tiscali.it to make sure they'll be there to receive you.
From Agriturismo Aiole:

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RECOMMENDED: Agriturismo Aiole

Map of Castiglione D'orcia, Toscana IT
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Noella and Paolo were great to us! Noella grows her own ingredients for cooking and canning, and can make dinner upon request. Breakfast is included, and Noella makes tartlettes with her own fruit as well as homemade jams and jellies. This would be a great place to go with multiple families, since all the rooms connect to a main dining room with fireplace, with an attached communal kitchen. Go winetasting at nearby Sesta di Sopra and buy a case of Brunello! Take the short jaunt into nearby Montalcino, or stop at any one of the restaurants or wineries along to way for great meals and great wine. Banfi gives tours during the week, and their winetasting and glass museum is open on the weekends. Aiole's price is right at 70 euro a night for a country inn in Tuscany.

AT HOME: Citrus-cello

Citrus: Lemons, Limes, Oranges, Grapefruit
1 liter Alcool Buongusto(95)
1 liter Simple Syrup (sugar water)
Zest 15 lemons, add to glass jar with 1 bottle Alcool. Seal tightly, store in dark place. Wait 30 days. Boil 1 liter water, stir in 4.5 cups sugar, let cool. Remove zest, add simple syrup. Wait 30 days.
Serve. Store in freezer.

AT HOME: Veal Saltimbocca

8 veal cutlets
8 slices prosciutto
8 sage leaves
2 tbsp. butter, 2 tbsp. olive oil
¾ cup Marsala or dry white wine with 2tbsp. butter

Lay cutlets out flat, place a prosciutto slice on cutlet, place a sage leave on the prosciutto. Salt and pepper. Roll them up, secure with toothpick.
Heat butter and olive oil in large frying pan. Add veal rolls, turning as needed until cooked. Remove veal rolls to a serving plate.
In the remaining pan, deglaze with Marsala over medium-high heat until reduced. Add rest of butter to make the sauce. Pour over veal chops and serve.

AT HOME: Pasta Carbonara

13 oz. spaghetti
2 eggs, plus 2 egg yolks, ¼ cup cream and 2/3 cup parmesan
2tbsp. olive oil, plus 2tbsp. butter, 2 smashed garlic cloves
400g cubed pancetta

Cook the pasta all dente, or have fresh pasta ready to boil.
In a large serving dish, whisk together eggs, egg yolks, cream and parmesan. Set aside.
In a large frying pan, heat oil and butter and smashed garlic cloves. Add bacon. Cook until bacon is crisp. Discard garlic cloves when they turn golden.
Add drained spaghetti to frying pan, toss with bacon. Remove frying pan from heat, add contents to serving bowl, toss and serve pronto.

TRIP TO PERUGIA: Ristorante Nana

Pate with apples served with flatbread, and an umbrian white trebbiano-grachetto blend.

Gnochetti and.... the best chocolate mousse I have ever had in Italy!!!

If you read '08 Lonely Planet, it will tell you that 47 members of the same family have worked here. I showed this review to the owner and his wife and they laughed at the absurdity! The gentleman who runs this restaurant is very kind. Luciano is from Rome, and met his Perugian wife Mariagrazia while she was at university in Rome studying agriculture. Four members of thier family (not 47) run this neat restaurant that has great food, reasonable prices for unique dishes and wine, and wonderful hospitality. If you make the trip to Perugia, DO NOT miss Ristorante Nana and tell them Olivia sent you for the chocolate mousse!

Ristorante Nana at Corso Cavour, 202 in Perugia
Tel: 075 5733571
They have a brand new website!
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Map of Corso Cavour 202 Perugia, Umbria 06121, IT

TRIP TO PERUGIA: Hotel Rosalba

Is clean, but in general unhappy with stay.
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TRIP TO LAKE TRASIMENO: Agriturismo Il Cantico della Natura

The best place I have ever overnighted anywhere in Italy. The quality of the rooms, the view of the lake, the remoteness, the attention to detail, speak English!, the restaurant with 7-course meals, the hospitality... and a during-the-week special of 59 euro can't be beat! Ask for Francesco Ricci. Or, the "glue" that keeps this place together: Fantastic Francesca, who lives in Perugia 20 minutes away and can give a lot of recommendations in the whole region. This agriturismo makes its own olive oil and jams, and has many local products available.

This is the view of Lake Trasimeno:

Tell them Olivia sent you!
Look at this map, look to the left of Montesperello, look for "Case Sparse" and follow the signs, or call.
Map of Montesperello, Umbria IT